5 Best Mother’s Day Posts That Caught Our Fancy

5 Best Mother's Day Posts That Caught Our Fancy

Let’s be real, mothers are bae. But, Nigerian mothers? Epic! Who remembers the story of the girl who kept the biscuits her classmate shared in her lunchbox, and they turned to fingers? Or going to the neighbor’s house to collect ‘arodan’?

On Mother’s day, we saw a lot of posts that gave us nostalgia, reminiscing old times of growing up with our mothers, and it is safe to say that we are in love with some of them. They’ve not only succeeded in celebrating our epic mothers, they’ve also helped us recall lasting memories of what it used to be like while growing up with mumsy.

Check out our 5 best mother’s day posts.


#1 SO&U

Can we deny the creativity and authenticity of this post? From the names of ‘weapons’ (LOL), to the descriptions, we cannot help but cherish it.

Can we relate? Yes

Is it funny? Double Yesses

And, that’s not all. Garnering a whooping 2.2 million impressions on Twitter, it’s earned over 2,600 retweets, 2,800 likes, and over 2,400 shares! Now, that’s trending.

But wait, if you can’t relate, are you even Nigerian?

Click here to view the post.

#2 MTN

We are getting serious feels from this post of over 259k views on YouTube! We’ve always known our mothers have super powers, but when MTN shows us like this? Just call your mother and tell her how much you love her.

#3 Maggi

Raving online with over 10k likes and 4k views across Facebook and Instagram, 165k impressions and 124k reach on twitter, Maggi has shown us that times and again that every woman is a star. Our mothers have never failed to come through with their mouth-watering, belly-scratching delicacies, even after they discipline you. No food tastes like mama’s, and we couldn’t help but add it to our list. Our mothers sure do #MakeADifference

#4 Ribena

Ribena came through with this oyinbo-ish version of Nigerian mothers. Even though we can’t relate to the morning hugs because, they would rather wake you up with a slap on any part of your body they touch first, or you hear her calling your name from your dream, we still can’t help but awwn at this sweet video. The defending part nko? Nobody dares to mess with our mothers.

Just so you know, it’s had over 146k views across Facebook and Instagram.

#5 Microsoft

Microsoft’s sweet video of our mothers’ amazing attributes couldn’t go unnoticed. Whose mother isn’t caring, strong, supportive, strong, hardworking, smart, beautiful, and inspiring? It sure made our list! We love our mothers, every day.

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