Attracting Customers Using Instagram & Facebook For Business

facebook for business

With the popular trend of digital marketing using various social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram in particular, most brands confuse optimum visibility for positive returns. We must, however, reinforce that this isn’t enough. Being seen doesn’t necessarily mean being heard. As a brand, as much as you want people to see you and know you for what you do, know that the purpose of using Facebook for business, and Instagram for business, is to attract customers to patronize you and grow your business.

Having this in mind, Facebook and Instagram are great platforms to use in attracting customers to your business if you know how to use them well. If you don’t, don’t worry. This post will teach you all you need to know about using Instagram and Facebook for business

 facebook for business


This social media platform has been the oldest and one of the most effective in building customer-base in the marketing business, especially if your target audience is of the middle-aged grade. After creating your business page, the first thing Facebook tells you to do is to invite your friends to like your page. This might not seem like a great way to garner followers but remember to follow through and persuade engagement. If you can, purchase a Facebook ad. You can also blog to promote your Facebook page with links to your email and other social media business accounts.

Another thing to do with Facebook is to post attractive content frequently, advisably every day, as out of sight is out of mind. Make sure your contents are catchy and not always about your business. Encouraging engagement with your followers will build familiarity, which will, in turn, cause them to patronize you.

Using Facebook for business shouldn’t be a hassle. All you need is uninterrupted access to the internet, and dedication to the growth of your business.


This is probably the most popular social media platform for digital marketing. With its fabulous user base and awesome features like the recently launched Instagram stories, it is important that as a brand, you take your business digital if you don’t want to be left behind. That being said, there are various tips that will help you tap into the trend and attract customers using Instagram for business.

1. The first step to take is for you to know your audience. Connect to them by showing them what you do in a creative way. Create a unique profile. Focus on telling them the solutions you create to problems with your business and not just what you do. People will only be compelled to a benefitting purpose, let them know what they stand to gain by choosing your business.

2. Attract them with special offers, promos, giveaways, get familiar with them.

3. Take them behind the scenes. Post interesting contents.

4. Be creative with your Instagram stories, videos, and pictures.

5. Update your business bio regularly with links to your website, contact links like email and business lines, purchases, app downloads, and so on.

If you can, you should also purchase Instagram ads and expand your reach using hashtags. When people see how active and passionate you are about your business, the right customers will patronize you.

Here they are, we hope you’ve found this post on how to use Facebook and Instagram for business helpful.

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