Digital Tips: Using Instagram Stories To Grow Your Business

Digital Tips: Using Instagram Stories To Grow Your Business

Using Instagram stories to grow your business might be the smartest move yet in digital marketing as its strengths and opportunities so far, lie in its sheer size advantage. With stats and demographics showing how far and well Instagram has grown over the past years, especially since it was acquired by Facebook, its influence on marketing and growing businesses cannot be understated.

Since the launch of Instagram Stories in August 2016, a copycat feature with a few notable differences from its rival social media platform, Snapchat, we have seen many businesses take advantage of this feature in enhancing their growth.

Looking at the statistics, Omnicore reports Instagram to have:

800 million monthly active users, 32% of which are businesses

500 million daily active users

300 million stories daily active users

95 million photos uploaded per day

25 million active businesses

2 million monthly active advertisements

And a whopping 4.2 billion likes per day!

With these stats, can your business afford to wait? And with the numerous number of businesses already active on this very prominent platform, how do you make yours stand out with the amazing Stories feature? We are going to be giving you helpful tips on how to take advantage of go about using Instagram stories for your business.

Build a Follower Base: This can pose a challenge, but there are cuts to the road. One sure way to build a follower-base is to Announce News. You can do this by making substantial offers on your story exclusively to your followers. Word spreads fast on social media. Enhance views with catchy pictures and word messages. Be creative! You can input beautiful typography on your picture stories with the Canva app.

There are a lot of options available on Instagram stories filters; texts, drawings, stickers, picture and video filters, amongst others. If you’re bold with a camera, make a short video to announce your news. On Instagram stories, you get to upload a short video of up to a minute. Don’t forget to encourage your followers to tag and invite friends to follow your page.

Cultivate a Friendly Relationship: Another tip is to get up close and personal with your followers. If you’re your brand, all the better! People are naturally finicky, they want to get in other people’s business and see. Give them what they want! Show an informal glimpse into your business. If you are a producer, show pictures and videos of what goes into your production.

Take them behind the scenes. Build anticipation by showing sneak picks of new products and taking a poll on what their opinions are. You can also give away free products or services to followers with the highest engagements. This helps you build a relationship with your followers and they get to tell their friends about you.

Other tips you can find useful are showing off, inviting guest hosts, sharing exclusive contents, sharing fan photos, inviting other brands like yours to take over your story and vice-versa, commemorating with hashtagable trends… The list is endless, but these are sure to shoot you right out.

Above all, do not forget that the purpose of using Instagram stories is to grow your business. Ensure that your Instagram stories include a clear focus and a strong call to action.

We hope you find these digital tips on how to use Instagram stories for business helpful.

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