WhatsApp Advertising: Good For Your Brand or Not?

WhatsApp Advertising: Good For Your Brand or Not?

Regardless of how much more popular other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are in digital marketing, we cannot undermine the potential of a well-executed Whatsapp advertising campaign. Being the world’s most popular instant messaging app with over 700million users and a 70percent open-rate, this means exposure of your messages are certain and with no fixed rate as WhatsApp operates at no cost! WhatsApp advertising is an open mine of endless marketing opportunity for brands who can take ample advantage of it.

However, as a brand, finding the right balance between marketing on a private messaging platform and a casual conversation with your costumers might be quite an ordeal especially since you need a database of customers’ mobile numbers and you also want them to save your number in their contact list, so your messages don’t appear as spams.

How then do you determine if WhatsApp advertising is good for your business? If it is, how do you use WhatsApp for business? Taking a cue from some popular brands like Absolut Vodka, Heineken, Persil, and Coca-Cola, that have succeeded in carrying out WhatsApp advertising campaigns, we discovered some tips that made their campaigns successful.

 Compelling Outreach

Importantly, the first thing to do in using WhatsApp successfully for your business is building a group contact list. This you can do by letting your existing customers and new ones know that you are now accessible on WhatsApp by mediums of your other social media pages. You can also make use of the Press and TVC.

To build a customer contact list on WhatsApp, Persil Kufua Expert Campaign in Kenya engaged customers by encouraging entries for a Promo via WhatsApp using simple and clear instructions. This, of course, received a maximum turnout. Bring your customers in by offering products and/or services of great value, like in the case of Persil. Encourage your existing customers to save you on their contact lists, and invite their friends to join.


In maintaining the relevance of your WhatsApp business group, ensure that your posts are of great value and relevance, and for free. This will help you build a phone database of your online customers and carry out consumer research with minimal costs. Encourage interaction by seeking the opinion of your customers about old and new services/products. Coca-Cola did this with their ‘Share a Coke Campaign’, asking if customers can share a coke on WhatsApp, receiving a massive response. 

Customer Service

It’s one thing to create a business group on WhatsApp, and another to maintain member interaction. As a brand using WhatsApp for business, ensure that you have someone in charge of your WhatsApp account. You don’t want to discourage your customers by replying late to their messages, or not at all. Be interactive and engaging. People want to see who they interact with. Be personal with your brand. Communication is key in building a database of loyal patronizing customers.

Finally, now that you’ve learned the useful tips in using WhatsApp for business, we’re sure you want to get your hands on right away. We hope you can now see that WhatsApp advertising isn’t limited to certain brands. What matters is that you’re dedicated to your brand and determined to make it work for you.



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